The DelMethod is the most Effective digital evangelism process for churches and faith-based nonprofits.

Implement the DelMethod for your church today and start seeing results immediately.

Your church has so much going on

From meetings, to taking care of your community to evangelism and outreach. All of these things have to be done by volunteers who also have other responsibilities at home and work.
Without a process, your church leaders get burnt out, the work of the Lord suffers, and people don't get their needs met.

The Result?

The church is going through a shift. Many young people have left the church and found other ways of consuming the gospel.

Recent surveys show that...

Over 23% of Christians

Now claim no affiliation to any organized religion.


Over 59% of Millennials

Who grew up in the church have left the church.


Only 43% of Adults

Attend church on a regular basis

Young people are leaving the church and they may never come back

The DelMethod will transform the way you reach and connect with your members.

The Del Method is a simple digital ministry hack that transforms the way churches and faith-based ministries reach and connect with their members and communities online.


Build a process and outreach system that meets people's needs without compromising your beliefs and mission.


Discover ways to connect with yourself, your members and online community in the digital age


Over 4 Billion people use the internet every day, learn simple and inexpensive ways to expand your reach


Grow your church membership and the online community by taking the message to the people wherever they are.

How to implement the DelMethod

How do other churches manage to take care of their member's needs and grow their memberships at the same time?

The Answer

They've created an evangelism and outreach process that takes care of their members needs by integrating digital tools and strategies into their system.

Traditional offline evangelism and outreach strategies do not work online.

... in three simple steps



Building An Online Ministry

The first step will be to build a solid Online Ministry Foundation that is based on your church's mission, goals and objectives.



Implement the DelMethod

This is the process of transforming your church's mission and goals (online ministry) into a converting machine.

Launch Ministry


Launch and Grow!

Getting to know some digital tools that will help your ministry launch and stay afloat for many years to come.

Our Process to transform your digital evangelism and outreach ministry.

The secret to effective evangelism is the same as it was two thousand years ago.

Know your audience
Discover what their needs are
Segment them according to their needs
Find the solution
Deliver and grow


The process of discovering exactly what your members are struggling with and need.


Segment in order to provide value according to people's needs and pain points.


Building the right team and delivery method for maximum impact.

Benefits of implementing the DelMethod

The Del Method will transform the way you reach and connect with your members and communities online.
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Breakdown barriers of distance
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Meet people’s needs
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Boost online giving
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Engage with young people online
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Increase your church membership
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Create a global community
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Increase your church membership
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Boost online giving