Nelson Musonda

Digital Evangelism Specialist | Founder

Nelson Musonda, a devoted Media Designer and Digital Marketing specialist, is the creative force behind DelMethod. His mission is to help small businesses, nonprofit organizations, churches, and ministries grow their online presence and reach new audiences.

DelMethod is a groundbreaking digital evangelism process and strategy designed to assist churches and ministries in building and expanding their influence online. Drawing inspiration from the ministry of Jesus Christ, which focused on meeting people's needs, the DelMethod is based on the simple principle that to serve people effectively, you must understand their struggles, identify their pain points, find solutions to their challenges, and deliver those solutions.

Nelson developed the DelMethod after realizing that many churches were merely transferring their offline strategies to the online world, which proved ineffective as people consume content differently in cyberspace. Leveraging his extensive experience in digital problem-solving and creating user journeys, Nelson crafted a unique approach to help churches and ministries transform the way they conduct ministry online.

Though Nelson is not a pastor, his passion for revolutionizing the way churches and ministries approach online evangelism is what drives him to create and share these innovative strategies. Experience the impact of Nelson's expertise as he leads the way towards a new era of digital engagement for faith-based institutions and organizations.

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