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We help churches and ministries increase their reach and influence through digital evangelism.

Evangelism is the act of taking the gospel to the people wherever they are.
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Delmethod's top Benefits

Delmethod helps you engage your target audience through conversations that lead to spiritual conversations.

Expand your reach

Most churches and ministries only reach the people in their town, city, or county.
Learn how to reach millions of potential members without having to relocate!

Build a global community

There's someone out there searching for the message that only you can give.
Let us teach you how to create content that is discoverable by people around the world.

Become an Influencer for Christ

People are looking for influencers to help them navigate life.
Learn how to use the power of the internet to become an influencer for the kingdom.

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Digital evangelism for Churches

We developed the DelMethod to simplify the most difficult parts of digital evangelism and outreach for your church.

Digital evangelism helps churches breakdown the barriers of proximity and faith and takes then right on the palms of people's hands.

Discover the most effective digital evangelism process today!

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Digital evangelism for Ministries

A few years ago, spreading the good news involved a lot of traveling, time and money - but not any more.

Discover some of the best digital evangelism strategies and tips to help you spread the gospel without leaving your home.

Discover the most effective digital evangelism process today!

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Build a Digital Evangelism and Outreach Process with the DelMethod.

The DelMethod is a process that helps churches and faith-based nonprofits to reach, connect and grow their membership and influence both off and online.

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