digital evangelism and outreach.

Digital Evangelism process and strategies for churches.

The DelMethod is the most effective process used by churches to reach and connect with their members.

Process-driven digital evangelism and outreach strategies for churches and faith-based nonprofits.


Looking for ways to build and grow their membership and online community

Faith-Based Nonprofits

Looking for effective ways connect with their members across the globe

Solo Evangelists

Looking to spread the gospel without the barriers of distance and money

What is the DelMethod?

The DelMethod is a process that helps churches and faith-based nonprofits to reach, connect and grow their membership and influence both off and online.

Implement the DelMethod Today! and your church will thank you.

Once implemented, the DelMethod will change the way you connect with your members and the world at large.


Break down the proximity and distance barriers.

Church is not only for the physically able.

Take the good news message straight to people's homes and palms.
Ready to change the way you connect with your member?
Get the DelMethod


Build a global community

There's some one thousand miles away who needs to hear the message only you can deliver.

Reach people beyond the walls of your church.
Ready to change the way you connect with your members?
Digital Outreach


Re-establish your authority and influence online

People are looking for answers online.

Learn how to feed the internet with the right information people need.
Ready to change the way you connect with your members?
Discover Virtual Summits


Boost your membership and online giving

Grow your membership online and see a boost in your online giving.
Ready to change the way you connect with your members?
Grow Your Online Membership
Build a Digital Evangelism and Outreach Process with the DelMethod.
Your church will thank you.

Your Digital Ministry's Resources

The process of creating an effective digital ministry for your church and nonprofit by providing the information people are looking for.

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