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Digital Evangelism for Ministries

A Bible based digital evangelism process that is driven by modern digital marketing and outreach strategies to help you build and grow your ministry.

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Delmethod Blueprint will give you a step by step guide on how to get your ministry online and grow it. You will learn how to setup your website, use social media and email campaigns to grow your ministry.

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Learn how to create content that people are looking for online.
Discover people's pain points and solutions that meets their needs.
Learn how to get feedback from your audience to help you drive the right messaging and increase your impact.

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Articles to help you build and grow your digital ministry

Delmethod is a digital evangelism and outreach process for individuals looking to build and grow their ministry online. This process includes some simple digital marketing step-by-step guides to help you increase your online influence, maximize your personal brand, and ultimately leave a lasting impact on the world for Christ.