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Digital evangelism is about creating the right content for a specific audience.

Discover ways to create relevant and valuable content for your audience.

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We live in amazing times. Everything around us is fast, simple, and online. When you have a question, or you need a solution to a pain point, all you have to do is google it, and you get the answer instantly.

Have you ever wondered who creates that information online for us to consume?

Did you know that your church members are online every day looking for answers, especially to the questions your church is not addressing?

The church has an obligation to spreading the gospel of Jesus to every corner of the world, and we must utilize every tool available to us, including the internet.

If your church does not feed the internet with the right information, then you are leaving it to the circular world to feed your people.

Creating content for online consumption is different from offline content. We call this content marketing.

Content marketing in digital evangelism is a strategic approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to a clearly defined audience.

Digital Evangelism Content Marketing Goals

Content marketing is consumer-centered. Unlike the offline church tradition where the preacher decides what to preach on, effective content marketing starts and ends with the consumer.

When done right, content marketing should help you with the following:

  • Church awareness
  • Evangelism outreach
  • Nurturing
  • Engagement
  • Increase your influence

Here is where you will learn how to discover information your members and people need. You will learn how to use the DelMethod to create valuable content that will make an impact on your members and the world.


Create content that is relevant and valuable to your members.

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