Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Delmethod?

The del method comes from the word del, which means an inverted triangle. The idea here is to flip the traditional way of evangelism by putting the people's needs first.

What problem does the Delmethod solve?

The church is not meeting people's needs; as a result, a lot of people, especially millennials, are leaving the church. Another reason is that many people are consuming the gospel online.

The del method helps you take the guesswork out of the equation by first finding out what people need and how to give it to them.

How does it work?

Three simple steps - validation ( by asking people what they want or need)Segmentation - Putting people in groups according to their needs, Lastly launching ( includes building a team, deciding the best platform for delivery and launching)

Who is the Delmethod for?

The Delmethod can work for any digital evangelism and marketing but we specifically developed it for Churches and Faith-based Nonprofits

How did the Delmethod come about?

The del method came about out of a personal need and struggle.In 2017 I couldn't attend church due to an illness. I found myself online searching for sermons and teachings that would speak to what I was going through.

My search was mostly in vain because I couldn't find information that aligned with my belief system.

One day I went to the doctors for a review, and there I met a lady in the waiting room. She quickly expressed her frustration about her Pastor not being supportive or even visiting her while she was sick.

She also expressed that she would no longer be going to church because she felt that the church was not meeting her needs.

Although I agreed with her, I encouraged her to be strong and pointed her to a few websites that had live streams every Sabbath.

I went home that day disturbed, and I couldn't help but do some research on why people were leaving the church.

What I found was alarming to me. First, I discovered that people would move on if they don't get their needs met in and out of the church.

I also discovered that over 57% of millennials who were raised in the church had already left the church.

As a designer, I quickly went into problem-solving mode. There was a problem here that most people were not addressing.

So I used my problem-solving skills and digital marketing skills to create some of the most effective solutions to the problem at hand.

How does the delmethod work?

In simple terms, the Del Method is a simple process used by churches and faith-based nonprofits to find out what their members needs.

The Del Method is designed to be the first step you take when organizing an event for your church members or community.

Research shows that people are leaving the church because their needs are not being met. The del method will help you discover what your members' needs are and also help you figure out the best way to meet their needs.

When is it appropriate to implement the Delmethod?

The Del Method is not just for digital or online ministry. It can be used for offline evangelism as well.

For example, The health ministry wants to conduct a health expo. The traditional way is for the organizers to create a program based on what they can offer. They also figure out the venue, day, and time for the expo.

The Del Method suggests that you first ask the people what they're struggling with and then provide it to them.

The idea here is to first get validation for your idea or project to make sure that your audience is interested in it before you start organizing it.

My church does not have a website, Can I still use the Delmethod?

A website is your online church, and we strongly recommend that you have a website to have an active digital ministry. However, the Del Method can be implemented in both offline and online platforms.

How can we get help with implementing the Delmethod?

There are three ways we can help you implement the del method for your church or faith-based nonprofit. Check the following:

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If you are a DIY kind of person or you have some tech savvy people in your team, then joining our mailing list will be fine. We send out helpful tips and tricks on the best practices to build and grow your digital ministry.

Signup for a free email courses

Email courses are the best way to learn all about digital evangelism. We will take you step by step to make sure you know exactly what to do.

The Delmethod University

We understand that not everyone is able to hit the ground running and so we have created the DelMethod University so we are able to give you that extra hand as well us introduce you to our digital evangelism community.


There are those that have an idea of what needs to be done but need a little push to get started. The coaching service is for you. We create a custom program based on what you need and then we walk you through the process of getting to where you want to be.