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There are now over 9.32 Billion mobile connections worldwide, according to GSMA real-time intelligence data.

If your evangelism strategies do not include digital outreach, then you're missing out on the most effective way to evangelize.

Whether you want to reach and connect with your church members or the outside world without the barrier of distance, time, and money, then digital evangelism and outreach is your answer.

Here you will find valuable tips and tricks to help you leverage the power of social media, video, and written content to reach, connect, and grow your communities both offline and online.


Here are some articles to help you understand how your ministry can leverage the power of digital outreach to reach and grow your ministry.

Social Media Evangelism - How to effectively use social media to grow your ministry.

Social Media Evangelism is one of the most effective tools available to evangelize people online. discover social media evangelism here.
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20 Things people love about online church

People love the online church experience - We asked churchgoers what they love about the online church experience. Here are the results
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How to Become a Digital Disciple: A step-by-step guide.

Become a digital disciple in seven simple steps, even without any digital experience. Discover why and how you can start today.
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[ Guide ] How To Implement the Del Method for Your Church.

Implement the del method to grow your church membership and increase your reach and influence around the world.
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Online Church - 10 Ideas to Keep Your Members Engaged During The Coronavirus Outbreak.

Online church - here are eleven activities every church should be doing to keep members engaged during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.
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How to Structure Your Digital Evangelism Presentation For Conversion

Digital evangelism presentation - how to build and structure a presentation meant for conversions. Learn the tricks here...
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Digital Summit For Church - A Complete how-to Guide

The digital summit will take your evangelism and outreach efforts to the next level plus they are easy to set up
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10 Virtual Seminar Topics Your Church Should Be Addressing.

Here are 10 virtual seminar topics your church members want you to address and you can do this easily online.
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Reach and Connect With Your Church Members with Digital Summits.

Digital summits will fundamentally change the way you reach, connect with your members
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