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10 Reasons You Should Start A Christian Blog.

Starting a Christian blog was the best decision I ever made and here are ten reasons why you should start one too.
Nelson Musonda
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Nelson Musonda
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10 Reasons You Should Start A Christian Blog.
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March 22, 2023

The most important decision I've made in my Christian life is starting a Christian Blog.

I say this without any exaggeration or hyperbole.

Starting a Christian blog has completely changed my life, and I wish I had started it sooner rather than later.

Whether you are a lifelong Christian or a newcomer, you are a disciple of Jesus Christ, and you are to go and preach the gospel.

The Christian blog will give you that platform to share your love for Christ and help people discover Christ.

Who should start a Christian Blog?

One of the biggest myths about blogging is that it's hard and that you need to be tech-savvy to do it.

I am here to tell you that's a myth and that anyone, including you, can start a blog. I understand that not everything is for everyone, but you owe it to yourself to try.

  • If you are an introvert like me who doesn't like standing in front of people, then blogging is for you.
  • If you cannot get an audience for your message in church or community, a blog will open channels for you to express yourself.
  • Maybe you have a gift to preach and impact people, but you do not have a regular platform. Blogging will provide you with a steady platform to reach and connect with people across the globe.
  • You may have a different perspective on life and feel you don't fit in. A blog will help you reach like-minded people who want to hear from you.

In this article, I will present to you Ten Reasons why you should start a Christian Blog.

In fact, these are the same reasons I started my blog, which saw close to 11,000 unique visits and 35,000 page views in the first 30 days of launch.

A christian blog visitor statistics
DelMethod site visitors’ statistics

Table of Contents

  1. Start a Christian Blog for evangelism
  2. A blog to find your voice
  3. Build an audience
  4. Tell your story
  5. A blog to inspire others
  6. Blogging to meet new people
  7. Help others
  8. To make the world a better place
  9. Teaching others will strengthen your knowledge
  10. Build your influence
  11. [Bonus] Make money

1 - Start A Christian Blog for Evangelism

I recently talked with a former pastor who has since joined the health field as a nurse. The pastor told me he missed preaching and leading his previous church.

I have known this man for over fifteen years, and he is one of those genuine Christians who care so deeply about people and the gospel.

That night I couldn't stop thinking about our conversation. My problem-solving self kicked in, and I started to think of ways I could help him do what he loves without being a Pastor.

I called him the next day and talked to him about blogging. I told him how it had changed my life and that he should try it.

You see, a lot of us find ourselves in the same boat. We know we have a message and heart to preach and help others, but we do not have the platform.

The church is a perfect place to grow spiritually. However, most of our talents and callings go to die there.

Do you want to do your part in spreading the gospel but you don't have a platform to do so, a Christian blog is what you need.

2 - Blog to find your voice

Let's face it; we all have different opinions regarding the gospel. Sometimes I must choose between speaking up or keeping quiet to save my friendships during Bible study.

It is no secret that some church members are passionate about the gospel, and anyone who thinks differently is treated as an outsider or the devil's advocate.

A Christian blog is a perfect place or platform to voice your opinions and find your voice.

The best part is that the world is full of people who think like you, and once you start writing, they will find you.

3 - A Christian Blog will help you build an audience

Without an audience, your evangelism efforts are but in vain.

Let's face it; the church works so hard to build an audience ( members) without which you do not have a church.

As disciples of Christ, we all need an audience, and the internet is the best place to build and grow your audience fast and cheap.

For example, imagine you want to offer Christian perspective reviews on all the popular movies.

By the way, the" a Christian movie review "keyword has over 2300 monthly unique searches on Google.

Without a blog, you would be confined to a handful of people within a certain radius.

The internet opens you up to millions of readers worldwide looking to find meaning in the movies they watch.

4 - Tell your story

I love testimonial time at church.

I don't know about you, but at my church, we always have testimonies after Holy Communion, and I love listening to people talk about how God is working in their lives.

However, I have two issues with offline testimonials.

Issue # 1

Some church members wait weeks before sharing their testimonies with a few people in the sanctuary.

Issue # 2

If God has done something so powerful in your life, you have to let the whole world know, not just a few people present in the sanctuary.

Power of a testimony
Bible verse about testimony - Luke 8:39

There are people out there waiting for your testimony to make a move, and you must find a way to present it to them.

A Christian blog will not only be an extension of your hand but a mouthpiece through which you will reach and connect with people who need to hear from you.

5 - Start a Christian blog to inspire others

The journey of a Christian is challenging, and that's why most people fail along the way.

Reading and studying the Bible is excellent, but there's nothing as powerful as inspiration from others.

We all love to hear success stories. We want to hear from people who've gone through the same issues and conquered them.

A Christian blog will give you the platform to inspire people and possibly an entire generation.

If you have something to say, then you need a blog.

6 - Blogging will help to meet new people

Since I started blogging, I have met so many new people from across the globe.

Some people came across my blog searching for answers to a problem that I happened to solve. Others were referred to me by people who have read my writings.

Due to the power of Google and search engine optimization, I can reach people by writing about topics they want to read.

Some people have reached out to me through my contact page and others through email, and I am so amazed by how much people appreciate my work, and I am encouraged to write even more.

No man is an island, and that's true, especially now.

I remember having a Pen Pal in the early days, and we could only communicate by mail. This took so much time from when you mailed to when you received a reply. It took so long that we could only communicate twice or thrice a year.

Things have changed. Today distance is not a factor; you can make as many friends as your time allows.

Even though social media provides us with the quickest way to meet new people, that audience is not yours and can be taken away at any time.

Your blog will allow you to make lasting relationships, and your readers will open up their emails so you can write to them anytime.

7 - Write blogs to help others

Some people have urged that the church is not addressing the daily social issues that its members face. I know we quickly point fingers when things are not going well.

How about instead of pointing fingers, we do something different instead.

You and I are the church, and if collectively we can not agree to do something, you should do it.

People face challenges daily, and we must find ways to help them.

The blog will give you a voice, an audience, and an opportunity to help others.

8 - Blog to make the world a better place

The world is changing so fast that the church and education systems cannot keep up. It's safe to say that we live in a DIY error where people no longer rely on teachers to teach them.

On the other hand, we are also going through some crazy times, and people are continuously looking for answers to some of the world's most pressing issues.

What are you passionate about?

Is it human rights, racial injustice, diversity, single mothers, stay-home parents, or healing children with learning disabilities?

Whatever you are passionate about, a Christian blog will give you a platform and opportunity to reach the right people looking for information and help that only you can provide.

9 - Teaching others will strengthen your knowledge

One upside to writing blog articles is that you learn more than you teach.

If no one comes to read your content at the end, you would still have learned more from the process than you would have.

This also means you do not have to be an expert to start. In fact, you just have to know a little bit more than your audience to make a positive impact and provide value to your readers.

10 - Blogging will build your influence

We live in a world of digital influencers. A few years ago, digital influencers were not even a thing, but now it is a career, and many people make a good living out of it.

Can you imagine one person having over 200 million followers on social media?

That is more people than most churches have.

One of the most significant benefits of the internet is that it breaks down distance barriers and brings like-minded people together.

If you have an opinion or a problem to solve, I want you to know that millions out there want to hear from you.

You can start a Christian blog and start reaching those people even without much technical experience.

11 - [Bonus] Make money blogging

Even though one should never start a Christian Blog to make money, the effect of providing value through the content you create can make you some money.

How can I make money blogging?

Well, as a Christian blogger, you can sell some merchandise, promote other people's products for a commission, or ask your readers for donations.

Please note that the keyword here is "provide value." If your content is genuinely helping others, then they will support you.

Let's face it; running a website is not free or cheap. You will have to spend money on hosting, website design services, site maintenance, pay for other digital tools, and spend a lot of time creating content and attending to your readers or community.

Unless your blog is sustainable, you will probably fail to run it.


I don't know how you landed here.

It could be that you are already thinking about starting your blog, or maybe someone sent you a link, or you read the title and thought it would be an exciting read.

Whatever the case, I hope that I was able to convince you to start your Christian blog. But I know you must be asking, "great, now what?"

Well, your next move is:

  • Decide which of the ten reasons above drives you to start a blog.
  • Find a problem you want to solve - Your goal is to provide value and help.
  • Come up with the name of your blog.
  • Download my free content for the evangelism checklist to help you hit the road running with copywriting.
Download a free checklist

I have another blog that will take you on a step-by-step journey of how I started my Christian blog and reached over one thousand readers in the first week of launch and almost 11 thousand within 30 days of launch.

How I planned, built, and launched my Christian blog.

And if you need help creating content for your blog, learn about the fisherman method - we use to create content that resonates with our readers.

I hope this article pushes you further into deciding to blog for Christ.

Please take some time to let me know which of these ten reasons is your favorite and if I left out anything. Please comment below or send me an email through the contact page.

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Nelson Musonda
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Nelson Musonda

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