Loom is the best tool for creating digital evangelism videos

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Loom is a software developed to help churches and ministries share the gospel. This tool enables you to record video of your screen and camera in a quick, simple way, while allowing you to add annotations, graphics and more. In addition, it instantly shares your videos directly to popular social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Record quick videos of your screen and camera. An essential digital evangelism tool for churches and ministries.

The modern church is digital-first. But if you're new to social media, creating high-quality content can feel overwhelming. If you want to save time, grow your reach, and start attracting new followers, Loom is the solution.

With more people going online every day, it’s easier than ever to communicate with people. But not all forms of communication are equal: whether it’s a text message or a lengthy Facebook message, people tend to prefer the quick and efficient.

Loom makes it easy to create and share high-quality videos that can be sent through email, posted on social media, and shared on other websites.

For those times when you need to record a sermon or Bible study but are lacking a projector, Loom can serve as an affordable, easy-to-use alternative.

Want to easily share your sermons, bible studies, and other church announcements online? Then check out Loom.

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Whether you're creating video for the masses or an individual, Loom makes that experience fun, easy and fast.


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Did we say Loom has a free account? Yes they do and it's awesome. It's great for those people on a budget who don't mind creating 720P videos. But if you want to take your video content to the next level, then a paid plan will be the best way to go.
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Here at DelMthod, we use Loom on a daily basis. From quick walkthrough videos to full-blown tutorials and presentations, Loom is that magic tool we can always count on.
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