The Ultimate Sermon Repurposing Tool

No items found. is like a magic wand for your sermons. It takes your long sermon videos and turns them into short, social-media-ready clips. All with the help of AI!

Transform Your Hours-Long Sermons Into Minutes of Impactful Clips That Resonate With Your Audience! With, You're Not Just Sharing a Message; You're Creating Moments That Stick, All While Reaching More People Across Social Media Platforms

When it comes to digital evangelism, reaching your audience where they are is key. Not everyone has the time to watch an hour-long sermon, but they might watch a 5-minute clip that speaks to their heart. That's where comes in. It's perfect for sermon repurposing, helping you create bite-sized content that's easy to share and engage with.

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Make your sermons accessible to everyone. The AI-powered captioning ensures that your message is heard, even when the sound is off.

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The best part? You can start for free! They also offer special pricing plans tailored to your needs.
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How we use

At DelMethod, we use to repurpose our long-form content into engaging clips that we share across all our social media platforms. It's helped us reach more people and make a greater impact, all while saving us time and effort.
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